Introducing my new best friend

LJ Lennox | 18 July, 2021

LJ Portrait

Recently, I was told by a very wise and kindly soul, that I should, and I quote "Just be that special and wonderful person you are to everyone else and include YOU, too, and all will be just fine." 

How lovely is that? I must admit I was so amazed that such a wonderful thing had been said to me - about me, that it brought a tear to my eye.

You see, I am not very confident. I often act very confident, however, that is exactly what it is... an act.


I have been an actress for most of my life. Not trained, just learnt. I am very good at 'acting' full of confidence, bold and self assured. This is definitely something that started when I was very young. 

I also know that most of us are doing this, or something very similar, all the time too. Sadly, we do not get nominated for 'Best supporting your whole family, whilst cooking dinner and screaming at little Jimmy to stop putting peas up his nose!' awards, or any other awards, for that matter! We are expected to "put up and shut up" more often than not, and herein lies a tale...


This is exactly why we all end up such unsung hero's of the 'acting world' because for years and years we have been putting up with our lot. We blithely go about our lives, pretending that everything is just dandy and then BAM! It hits us, and down we go, spiralling out of control to, if not the pit of despair, then definitely the station just before, usually named 'Nope, I'm fine thanks, I just need to get on with it, I am sure I'll be right as rain!' 


Now, in my book, there are 2 things wrong with this. One: what exactly is RIGHT with rain, and two: We are most definitely doing ourselves much damage by getting off at this stop, if fact, we should never have even been riding this train in the first place!


I am on the road to better mental health. I am at last, after much wise advice, going to be my own best friend. I have been I hope, a good friend to many people over the years. Literally, all over world! That however, is for another day.


I truly hope that you will come along with me, as we meander through the minefield of life, or maybe at times, even hurtle along the road of troubles. It will probably not be pretty, however, most things we encounter are not, are they? What I am sure it will be though, is hopeful, and although I cannot speak for you of course, for me, hope is a very good place to start. xx

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