Gardeners Gift Box

Sometimes it does us good just to get out in the garden and have a good old dig about. It's not just animals that have fun doing this you know, it is also wonderful for us Humans. Although, I wouldn’t recommend you rush out with your dinner and bury it in the garden!

Getting back to nature is good for the soul and it's not bad for the waistline either.

Treat yourself. or the gardener in your life to our wonderful Gardeners Gift Box filled with beautiful, yet practical garden paraphernalia and start spreading a little happiness.

The gorgeous Gardener's soap exclusively from Dartmoor Soap Company is everything working hands need to get them clean and fresh after a day’s landscaping.

From Nutscene, the Bobby Dazzler of all garden twines, makes the perfect companion to any budding horticulturist.

Unwind after a productive day in the garden and enjoy a nice cuppa with the aromatic Afternoon tea from Birchall.

Dartmoor Soap Company - Gardener's Soap
Birchall Tea - Virunga Afternoon Tea
Nutscene - Bluetwist garden twine
It's no Picnic - Stylish white gift box